Friday, September 28, 2012

Quality checking of DFD

  • Correctness checking determines that the syntax and connections used in diagrams, charts, and so forth are  accurately used. 
  • Completeness checking is  performed with the  users  to  validate  the  meanings  of  all  terms and to verify the semantics used in all documentation.  
  • Consistency  checking  ensures  consistency  and  correctness  of  all  entries  that  span multiple diagrams, text, charts, and so on.  Consistency  checks  evaluate  the  interitem  syntax  and semantics. These checks are first performed by the project team during walk-throughs or other quality assurance evaluations. Then, they may be reviewed by  independent  quality  assurance  analysts  as  an added check. 

Sumber: Conger, 2008

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