Friday, September 7, 2012

Data Flows

  • Data flows  are  information about some business event being tracked by the  application.  
  • A data flow  is  data or information that is  in transit. 
  • A  data flow  might be a piece of paper, a report,  a diskette,  or a computer message.  
  • Data flows  in  a diagram are directed arrows that depict data movement from one place to  another. 
  • They do not identify physical items. 
  • For example, an invoice is information  about  an  order  that  would  also  have actual goods.  A data flow  to a customer shows the invoice but not the physical goods. 
  • for each data flow,  create a definition in the data dictionary. 

The dictionary of Data Flow
  • Name, 
  • Alias,
  • Timing,
  • Contents, 
  • Constraints
Sumber: Conger, 2008

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