Friday, August 31, 2012

External Entity

  • External entities are people, places, or things which interact with the application. 
  • Usually, we identify titles/roles (e.g.,  Customer), departments (e.g., Accounts Receivable), organizations (e.g., Medicare Administration), or applications (e.g.,  Accounts Receivable Application) as entities. 
  • The phrase 'interact with the application'  has a very specific meaning.  
  • The entity is  outside the control and/or processing being modeled for the  current application.  That is,  external entity processing, procedures, and data are not subject to analysis or change. 
  • Relationships between external entities are  not shown on the diagram(s) (i.e., external entities cannot connect to  each other).
  • if you are modeling an  order processing application that does not do inventory control, the warehouse would be on the context diagram.  
  • If inventory  control  and  warehouse  processing  are within the scope of the application, the warehouse would not be on the context diagram

Dictionary of External Entity
  • Entity Name
  • Aliases
  • Definition
  • Relationship to Application
  • Contact, if entity is an organization

Sumber: Conger, 2008

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